Nintendo 3DS gets Netflix video streaming, but no 3D movies...yet

Posted on September 2, 2013 – 11:26 am
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Netflix has been getting a lot of flak for raising its pricing, but today, together with Nintendo it has a new proposition: streaming video to the 3DS. This makes the 3DS the first dedicated handheld gaming device to get Netflix.

Via a downloadable app on Nintendo's eShop (must have the latest 3DS update to get it), 3DS owners can access any TV episode or movie available in Netflix's streaming video library.

Content will be streamed in 2D, but Netflix is hard at working preparing a special section that will deliver glasses-free 3D movies at a future date.

If you ask me, not including 3D movies in Netflix's library from the start makes the 3DS app seem half-baked. The 3DS's most appealing feature is its glasses-free 3D. Not specifically tailoring content for the handheld's biggest strength feels like a missed opportunity. It's like how the 3DS launched — to an abysmal lineup of launch games nobody really cared about.

I like the flexibility that Netflix is handing its subscribers here, but why would I watch Netflix on the 3DS, drain its already short-lasting battery on the go, if there are other options out there that provide sharper 2D picture quality such as Netflix on an iPhone or Android smartphone?

3D movies would have made the Netflix 3DS app a killer app. As it stands right now, the Netflix 3DS app isn't offering anything new. Just another device to view Netflix on. I can't even keep track of how many gadgets in my home can view Netflix now. I'll bet my watch can view Netflix if I poked it hard enough.

Netflix and Nintendo haven't officially announced when the 3D movies will roll into Netflix's 3DS app, only that it'll be "soon." Guess most 3D-enthused 3DS owners can download the Netflix app "soon" when the 3D content catches up. Don't get me wrong, 2D content is great, but I can't help but feel the 3DS is still stuck in "has potential" mode instead of "must-buy."

This is the same problem that standard 3D tech that requires glasses is banging into. 3D's greatest failure is its inability to deliver compelling 3D content simultaneously with 3D hardware. That tradition doesn't appear to have changed with glasses-free devices like the 3DS. Ultimately, this will be the format's own undoing, unless somebody realizes that buying 3D hardware is easy (if not a little expensive), but getting valuable 3D content that doesn't blow is the hard part.

Netflix, via Kotaku

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2012-04-10 19:35:28 by ITadmin

Apps is where the iPad shines. There's an app for just about anything you want to do. I don't even know if there are apps for the Kindle Fire, (are there?) If there's an Amazon app store, I've never heard of anyone developing for it.
My first reaction was, "Kindle Fire, that's a full-blown tablet? Isn't it just a color ebook reader that can also do multimedia stuff?" Which puts it in persp...g its weight in place of a laptop on trips, it's the iPad, hands down, no question. Although most people here will be biased towards the Apple product, at least have a look at some of the android tablets offerings too. They are a viable alternative (even if I wouldn't buy one myself.) Go get your hands on a few and see what you like.
That's just my take, there's other good advice here too.

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